Meet Our Makers: XANDER

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Today's woman leads a busy life. We all know that.

Lisa Paolozzi is true-to-form in that respect, a modern woman with too much to do to be constantly wasting time and energy on the question of what to wear. But Lisa is also smart. She loves clothes and knows that what we wear says much about who we are.

Ignore that reality at your peril.

So Lisa began a quest-- searching for well-made, easy-to-wear garments that would help her to simplify her life and yet be stylish, interesting, modern, individual and appropriate.

Looking first into her husband's closet, she admired his beautiful assortment of shirtings and began to experiment, borrowing and wearing them as dresses and tunics. 

She tried all sorts of other options, but eventually realized that she kept coming back to the shirtdress--a staple of the American woman's wardrobe since the days of the Gibson Girl. 

Borrowed from men's shirt styles, tailored and soft at the same time, the concept has proven near-perfect.. A shirtdress can be everyday attire or chosen for a special occasion. Wear one to work, a wedding, a casual party or the Ambassador's Ball.

Its silhouette can be very slim and shaped, easy fitting or oversized. Its attitude can be relaxed, sassy, sophisticated, on-the-edge or in-charge. Fabrics can range from calico to cashmere. 

Aha! The shirtdress-- one simple idea, variations almost infinite. A perfect backbone for the wardrobe of a chic and busy, woman.

Before long, Lisa was visiting her husband's shirtmaker more often than he did, building herself a personal wardrobe of customized, shirtdresses. Soon other savvy women frustrated by their own wardrobe quests were asking for Lisa's designs and adopting her shirtdress-driven, style-over-fashion philosophy.

Happily for them and for us, too, Xander, newly introduced in 2015, has just the dresses many women have been looking for.