Meet Our Makers: TIE YOUR TIE

In 1984, we couldn't sell anyone a hand rolled tie. Back then men didn't want their ties to look handmade; they thought stitching should be perfectly even with all stitches equal lengths, exactly the way a machine will do it. Besides, a hand rolled tie is very soft, relaxed and makes a smaller knot-- not at all what the '80s fashion dictated.
So, when Franco Minucci opened his elegant, tiny shop/atelier in Florence, Italy, that year, the hand rolled ties he designed to compliment the bespoke clothing, shirts, and shoes on offer there were quite a revelation to his customers
Indeed, ties from Tie Your Tie were so different from the prevailing attitude that they were soon embraced by the menswear cognoscenti with cult-like devotion.
Times have changed and today handmade, hand rolled and bespoke details are sought after, not sneered at. And 'though ties made with this construction have been around for a while now, the attitude of nonchalance they convey is still utterly modern.