Meet Our Makers: Simonnot-Godard


Since 1787 the house of Simonnot-Godard has stood for refined taste and the highest standards of quality.  Well known to gentlemen around the world Simonnot-Godard makes handkerchiefs and pocket squares for us using their own fabrics and requisite hand finishing.  Since 1999 Benjamin and Gersende Simonnot have continued to maintain these worthy standards and to move the company into the 21st Century.


The art of hem-rolling : the rules according to Simonnot-Godard


  • The hand-rolled hem should have 4 stitches per cm, as discreetly embroidered as possible.
  • The thread should always be of the same color and type as the thread used for weaving the handkerchief.
  • The hands should always be clean.
  • The fabric is tightly rolled on itself to give the handkerchief its substance.
  • Never stop in the middle of a rolling a hem -- stopping and going will considerably alter the general aspect of the hem, when it should be straight and of even thickness.
  • The angles of the handkerchief should never be cut, but rather hand-rolled at a straight angle, without putting excessive emphasis on the tip, which should never peak, or be rounded.