Meet Our Makers: SAMUELSOHN

When PlainClothes opened in 1986, we knew family owned, Montreal based Samuelsohn made beautiful men's clothing. The problem for us then was the fact that the company, 'though well established in Canada, was not yet prepared to expand into the U.S. and so sold exclusively to only one large New York city men's store.

Fast forward two or three years. Samuelsohn prospered and finally decided the time to grow had come. As soon as we heard the good news, we hurried in to see the what Samuelsohn was all about and were so favorably impressed that we bought it on the spot.

The rest is history. Samuelsohn long ago became the most sought-after men's clothing label at PlainClothes and, remarkably, continues both to appeal to established clients and to excite and attract new ones as well. We think that's because Samuelsohn makes the best garment in the industry available at its price point and our customers are plenty smart enough to appreciate that.

Need we say more?