Meet Our Makers: PANTHERELLA

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These days socks don't always get the respect they deserve. They work hard keeping our feet dry, cushioned, and protected, then some people make them out to be "old fashioned" or "behind the times". But try wearing most shoe styles, from sneakers to brogues to boots, without socks and see what you get-- blisters, abrasions and pinching, not to mention the unsavory hygiene issues linked to sweaty feet.
It's clear though that we should be wearing socks much of the time, so aren't we lucky that there are lots of wonderful options to choose from in the sock world?
Pantherella, one of our favorite sock makers, has operated out of the same family owned factory in Leicester, England since 1937, and is now a 5th generation business there. It's founder, Louis Goldschmidt, decided that if he could create fine gauge, lightweight, seamless socks in luxurious yarns, there would be a market for them. So he worked with a local machinist, P.A.Bentley, to develop a special knitting machine to produce just that kind of sock. 
Now, more than 80 years later Pantherella is still making beautiful socks for men and women. Mr. Goldschmidt has been proven right.