Meet Our Makers: Nettleton Shoes


By American standards Nettleton Shoes has been around for a very long time. The company was founded in 1879 in Syracuse, NY, and for well over a hundred years Nettleton's  handsome, well made, long lasting shoes have been sought out by discerning men from many walks of life, including several of our Presidents. 

At Nettleton style is just as important as quality and longevity and, in fact, in the 1930s the company was first to design and produce the now-classic shoe we call a "loafer". Today's designs, just as of-the-moment, include sneakers, boots, more casual looks and softer construction, with plenty of classic options as well.
In the 1970s, Ed Tognoni, whose great-grandfather was a master shoemaker in Tuscany, saw an opportunity to return to his artisanal roots and purchased Nettleton. Now with his brother Jim and son Dean on board, the company has become a family project run by a family committed to upholding Nettleton's long established traditions of fit, quality and style; quite rightly proud of the shoes they make.
We are happy to introduce you to them.