Meet Our Makers: MARION FOALE

Where were you in the ‘60’s? Or is that era ancient history to you?

Marion Foale, then half of the young design duo Foale and Tuffin, was busy at the epicenter of London’s “Youthquake” creating the “Mod look” which came to define that decade. Working from their shop just off Carnaby Street, Foale and Tuffin were in the vanguard of the 1960’s fashion revolution that brought  pantsuits, jumpsuits and miniskirts to the world of womenswear.

So important was Foale and Tuffin’s contribution to their era that the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London mounted a retrospective of their work in 2009. If you want to know more about those psychedelic days,read the catalog of the exhibit and/or the transcription of an interview with the Victoria and Albert museum from 2006.

And where is Marion Foale now? Hard at work, of course, designing and handknitting the incredible 3-dimensional sweaters you find here at PlainClothes.