Meet Our Makers: KAREN KRITZER



Sometimes we think we've seen it all, especially when we are talking about a longtime interest like men's cufflinks. So artist Karen Kritzer's clever, casual, welcome-to-the-21st-century cufflinks, really got our attention.

Her precision-machined, hand-assembled, aircraft aluminum/stainless steel cufflinks frame interchangeable laser-etched design disks-- so, one set of cufflinks, many faces.

You can choose your disks from colorful leathers, woods, or hair-on-hide. Then choose your motifs from her large library of pictograms--be sure to indulge your individuality here--and choose one that pays homage to a favorite hobby, perhaps, or maybe try a monogram. Or use your imagination and come up with something unique.

Born in Virginia and transplanted to North Carolina, Karen now lives outside of Raleigh. She has been making jewelry for 25 years and loves to experiment with new ideas, materials and methods.The resulting pieces are innovative, original, carefully crafted, fun to wear and, last but not least, made in America.