A Visit to Mother Freedom

Sometimes we get discouraged. American companies used to make high quality products and be proud of it, but that's changed for some. Now the goal for those is not to make a great product at a reasonable price, but simply to make every product, including clothing, as cheap as possible. So what, if those who take the "as cheap as possible" route find themselves cutting corners and turning a blind eye to obvious problems as evidenced recently by the horrific accidents at clothing factories in the Far East? Business as usual, right? You can see we were getting pretty fed...

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The Big Broadcast


Aha… A new movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s quintessential Jazz Age novel The Great Gatsby just released. After 6 previous tries, another chance to get it right: the kaleidoscope frenzy of the Roaring Twenties and the desperate modernity of the post-Great War world, a world careening about trying to somehow find its balance. For those with money life was beautiful clothes, furs, jewelry, parties, alcohol, drugs, automobiles, ocean liners and travel. Excess ruled and and jazz was its soundtrack. What? This new Gatsby has traded jazz for hip-hop? The Jazz Age without jazz? That absurd idea ranks right alongside...

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Alexander Julian

Designers What to Wear

With his signature horn-rim glasses and distinctive redhead look, Alexander Julian is a colorful character. The first time we saw him he was also wearing periwinkle blue, purple, hot pink and apple green in a pattern and fabric of his own design. He was a wonderful jolt of color in the midst of a sea of menswear grays, tans and navys. It was love at first sight. Now with five Coty awards for fashion design and the Pinnacle award for furniture design among his souvenirs, Alex is still fascinated by color.   His latest experiment? A group of extraordinary (yep,...

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Men in Skirts

Designers Miscellaneous

  This Chinese grandfather has created quite a stir recently by modeling his designer granddaughter's collection. What started as a joke-- trying on a few of her designs and vamping about in them-- has turned into a clever marketing scheme. Hardly a new practice, but men in skirts, in public at least, still get noticed right away, and as a result he's become a celebrity and her sales are booming.  We like the fact that he is clearly enjoying this bout of silliness and his 15 minutes of fame, helping his granddaughter and tweaking the nose of fashion in the...

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The Brits

Designers Miscellaneous What to Wear

  The quirky opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games now in progress in London reminded us how we do love the Brits! Especially since so much of what has come to be classic men's clothing derives from the iconic tailored styles they were wearing in the early 20th century, styles from Savile Row and Jermyn Street that have evolved to return again and again. So, we decided, time to revisit both those worlds by watching "Chariots of Fire", the 1981 movie about the British track team entered in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Started not long after World War I, those...

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