Tea and hoopla

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  Anyone who has visited New York knows it's a city that pulses with energy and opportunity, ideas and aspirations.  (Though naysayers claim that it's all moved to Brooklyn.)  For buyers like us trying to cram as much as possible into the work day that means starting early and ending late, getting too little sleep and running on adrenaline. This particular trip also required time spent trying to dodge all the hoopla and  security in place for the bigwigs in town to attend the in-session United Nations. Consider the scenario: you have a one o'clock appointment at a building conveniently...

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Instruments of Torture

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  Last weekend we took a quick trip to Nashville to see "The Golden Age of Couture: 1947-1957", a show on loan from London's Victoria and Albert Museum to the Frist Museum. There we saw some wonderful examples of the post-World War II "New Look" famously introduced by Christian Dior: voluminous skirts, padded hips, wasp-waists and pointed bosoms. This highly-engineered silhouette was giddily adopted at that time by the fashion world and the world in general. Witness your family photos from that generation or the movies of that era starring actresses from Marilyn Monroe to Doris Day. General wisdom explains...

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