Always South.


Back in dreary mid-winter during the men's  NY market week a friend was excitedly telling us about his boat, dreaming as we all do when it's cold and grey about hot sun, warm breezes and putting a boat in the water.

This fellow, though, lives in Naples where his day job is overseeing his family's business making elegant, handcrafted suits and his summer weekends are spent cruising Mediterranean waters, the Bay of Naples, and the Amalfi coast.


Sounds perfect, doesn't it? To our surprise he didn't think so. One thing was missing from his idyll. "I am from the South of Italy," he said. "You are from the South of America. Can you get me a South American flag?"

We were a little puzzled at first, but quickly realized what he did want.

And here it is,  an authentic Confederate flag waving at all and sundry several thousand miles from home with the island of Ischia in the background.

As our Neapolitan friend says, "Always South."

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