Not so glamorous

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The clothing world can be glamorous. Fashion shows, famous designers, celebrities, travel, high-voltage parties, bright lights, everyone frenetically striving for the next New Thing.

But when you have a brick-and-mortar store like we do, you have to take care of the brick and mortar, too. Not so glamorous.


Today's project? Get the high-rise light fixtures in our parking lot working properly. Unimportant right now when the days are long, but very important in the fall and winter when it gets dark long before closing time. Sounds simple enough, but those powerful lights are on a pole that's two stories tall.

The electrician, who is not a high wire artist, was understandably hesitant to lean a ladder against the pole and climb two stories up and there was no bucket truck available, so our friend Greg came to the rescue by building a scaffold to reach the lights. That's Greg standing on the platform holding the ladder and Lee on the ladder working on the lights.

Problem solved in no time. For them, all in a day's work. To us watching, pretty amazing.

Now let's get back to the glamorous side of what we do.

Thanks, guys; we couldn't do it without you.

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