Happy New Year and Winter Sale!

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Now that we've all given 2011 the bum's rush, what's the plan for 2012? First up is our Winter Sale where we suit action to words, "Out with the old." It's a great opportunity to plug any holes you've found in your winter wardrobe at reduced prices. Then it's "In with the new" as warm weather clothing begins to arrive in lighter weights and brighter colors. We've already started scheduling trunk show events, too, where you can consult one-on-one with your favorite designer or just get an overview of the latest thinking. Check our special events page to see what's coming up. Next we'll be expanding PlainClothes Online so that our web customers will have more buying options, and, of course, we will be searching out every lead to find new, exciting and better products for you, our loyal and discerning customers. As you can see, we plan to be busy in 2012. Pay us a visit and let us know how we're doing. Happy New Year.

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