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Longtime designer and friend of PlainClothes, Sylvia Heisel is full of ideas and that creativity just has to come out. Usually she expresses herself through the clothes she designs, but recently frustration pointed her in another direction.

The sleek apartment she and husband Scott moved into just a year ago became a renter's nightmare-- a brand new building in which high-style fixtures fell off the walls while pleas for maintenance were ignored. Finally, a crew setting up scaffolding outside cracked the enormous sheet of glass that was their only window on the world, resulting in a rather skewed view of same.

Again, no help from management.

Frustration and anger mounted, but instead of turning negative and sour for the duration of their lease, Sylvia and Scott decided to vent by aggressively redecorating the place.  Ergo, frustration became a catalyst for creativity and, miles of art tape later, a remarkable art installation was the result.

As we said, Sylvia is full of ideas. We can't wait to see what she does next.

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