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Katie Brierley, designer of Isoude, observes her model wearing a perfectly-cut silk blouse and pants.

Here is just one from a group of cleverly color-blocked jersey dresses by a new Dutch designer we'll introduce for spring.

She said, "The light is better on the terrace", so that's where we viewed this collection of summer sweaters.

Here we're shown two new print patterns at Lyn Devon's studio.

Designer Sophie Theallet confers with her model who nonchalantly wears a boldly printed dress with a wonderful silhouette.

We interrupted the early-morning cleaning crew to see this eco-friendly collection.

Market weeks move fast and furiously from the deluxe showrooms of well-established, well-funded designers in mid-town to the carnival atmosphere which prevails at the enormous short term shows with a zillion booths set up for only a few days at large venues such as the Javitz Center.

There are shows pulled together by a common thread-- all English knitters, for example, or maybe a group of designers who specialize in eveningwear only-- which usually set up in a hotel. And then there are pop-up showrooms, spaces that shed their everyday duties (gallery space? studio space? an apartment with an absent owner?) for a few exciting days in the fashion spotlight.

We buyers, then, hurry from penthouses to basements, from Mid-town to Soho to Chelsea to Chinatown to the Lower East Side and even Brooklyn, by taxi by subway and by foot, and we find remarkable people making remarkable clothes.

Spend some time with these designers and I dare you not to be impressed  with their energy, excitement, enthusiasm and level of commitment. And, oh yes, talent. Theirs are clothes we'll definitely want to be wearing next spring.

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