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The season is changing and we can hardly wait. It's been so hot for so long this summer (more than 50 days above 90 degrees so far) that what was relaxation early on has now turned into lethargy. Lethargy gets boring fast; that means it's time for us all to line up some new projects, events and experiments for fall.

So, ladies, come to our trunk shows in September where you can share your ideas and opinions with designers Sylvia Heisel, Holly Levy (H. Flitter) and Katie Brierley (Isoude). I promise you a conversation with a designer is more fun than anonymously clicking through his or her website or reading some amateur's fashion blog.

Men will get equal time in October when we sponsor trunk shows with Samuelsohn clothing, Donati suede and leather coats and Johnstons of Elgin, a company that's been making all sorts of wonderful things out of cashmere for more than 200 years. Doesn't everyone need a hot water bottle with its own sweatery cashmere cover and matching bedsocks? And for a gentleman, we think, Johnstons' silk-lined cashmere robe is the ne plus ultra.

If you can't make it to our trunk shows, just visit us when you can to see what's new. Every season we search out fresh ideas and new points of view from designers and manufacturers who are committed to producing authentic, well-made (and often clever) products--and we love to introduce them to you.

The season is changing: new fall clothes, new ideas, new excitement. We can hardly wait, can you?

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