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Unless you're a big fan of maple syrup, it's probably been a while since you've purchased anything "Made in New England". In fact, the once-thriving clothing manufacturing industry there has succumbed to the realities of globalization, union demands and economic upheaval. Jobs are scarce, unemployment is high and factories, once humming, sit idle and forlorn.

We were so excited, then, to hear from an old friend with an ambitious new project: he's resurrected one of those sad factories and is putting it back to work producing shirts for us and jobs for his community.

You'll like his shirts as much as we do: classic American button-down style in hard-to-find fabrics washed for a more relaxed sportshirt look. Right now we have blue cotton chambray and white silk and Sea Island cotton to show you with more to come.

And we're thrilled to find something Made in New England that we like almost as much as maple syrup.

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  • Mark

    That’s wonderful. How can we buy them?

  • Farrell Mendelsohn

    White shirt is incredibly comfortable!! Glad some things are still made in America!!

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