Old-fashioned cabinets with drawers? Why?

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If you've ever visited an iconic, old-fashioned clothing shop abroad—on Jermyn Street in London, for example—you've had an experience much different from shopping in this country. Oftentimes such clothing shops lure you inside with a beautiful window display  and once inside you see only drawers and cupboards because all the merchandise is carefully put away to be brought out on request. That shopkeeper wants you to realize that everything he sells is a treasure, so he will carefully unwrap and explain it to you before you even touch it.

In this country we go to the opposite extreme, stacking items so high and deep that every space is crammed full and nothing is under cover. Many of our shopkeepers seem to think that their customers don't want anything special, just plenty of it, and they present their offerings accordingly.

So here we are trying to borrow the best of both worlds. If we display fewer pieces, maybe we can display them better and make it easier for you to see how our clothes should work and look. Then if something on display intrigues you, please pick it up, examine it, and ask us about it.

We search out very special things that we love to talk about. And we plan to have one in your size tucked away in these old-fashioned drawers.

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  • Anthony T.

    The old “Pile-It-High, watch it Fly” has become the norm with some shops more of often seen with Dept stores in men’s dept. I like the term treasure getting something special, not in abundance. Always loved your shop.

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