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We think we have some great new ideas and the worst problem with having a new idea is the fact that you can't just snap your fingers and put it into practice.

Instead you have to actually stop and think about it, draw some diagrams, make some lists, estimate costs, draw up a plan... and by that time it may not seem like such a good idea any more, especially since we don't even know if it's worth a try until we've tried it.

In the high-speed, high-tech world we live in it would feel so much more creative to think up something today and test it right away.

But getting back to new ideas, we've decided to make some changes in the way the store looks and functions that we think will better show you what PlainClothes is all about. After all, what we choose to wear shouldn't be dictated by media-anointed designers, celebrities, or even our best friend. That's why we are trying harder and harder to find designers, craftsmen and artisans whose products are special and run counter to that mass mentality.

So don't be surprised when you visit PlainClothes this summer to find the furniture being rearranged and a little fresh paint and sheetrock dust here and there.

And now that we've started our latest experiment, we are excited and looking forward to sharing it with you. We can hardly wait to see what you think about our new ideas.

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