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Back in 1926, Vogue magazine showed for the first time a little black dress courtesy of Coco Chanel. Her idea was totally modern: she created a relatively affordable dress in a simple style and neutral color that a woman could wear for many social occasions merely by changing her shoes and jewelry.

The simple style meant the dress could be worn for several seasons without looking out of date and the black color, heretofore worn primarily by those in mourning, had by then become appropriate everywhere.

The idea of creating a dress that could be worn almost anywhere, anytime with merely a change of accessories proved brilliant and now the LBD, as it has come to be called, is a woman's wardrobe staple.

The only drawback is that once you've got a seemingly perfect LBD, it can be hard to justify buying another one. That means getting dressed gets boring, which is all wrong.

Enter Australian designer Sacha Drake and her "ultimate black dress", an LBD that can be easily worn many different ways-- watch the short video below for proof. Just think, you could arrive at a party wearing your dress halter-style, make an adjustment at some point, and leave wearing cap sleeves.

We are convinced that every woman should have one of these dresses. It's flattering, fun to play with, yet practical, too.Oh, did we mention that it's also machine washable and affordably priced? And best of all, you certainly won't get bored with it.

Watch the video and then come try one on.

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