Yes, we know "athleisure" is the hottest trend for both men and women in the clothing industry right now. Gym clothes are gleefully taking center stage in places and at events where heretofore they were not welcome.

Some people think that's progress.

We think It's just plain boring to wear the same kind of clothes all the time no matter what the time, place or occasion. Uniforms as such have a useful place, they are dependable  and require no thought, but their wearers forgo all personal style. 

Not to mention the fact that formfitting stretch fabrics, a main component of athletic wear, 'though easy care and relatively cheap, fit like a second skin. Since few of us have perfect bodies, need we say more?

Then, too, the idea of wearing for the rest of a long day whatever you worked out in at 6 am sounds uncomfortably unhygienic, no matter its claims to being antibacterial and antimicrobial. Ugh.

"Athleisure"—what an oxymoron. It ranks right up there with "dressy casual." "tailored sweatpants" and other coinages of that ilk.

But fortunately, by their very nature even the hottest trends eventually fade away. In the meantime, brace yourself. Fashion-wise it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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