Endangered Species


A sad man came to us for help. His new coat, bought who-know's-where, was the victim of botched surgery. The sleeves are now short enough, but all else about this alteration is wrong, hideously and embarrassingly wrong.

Compare the sleeves on the coat in the other picture. Aren't they beautiful? Our tailor made these working buttonholes by hand and the coat sleeves of many of our customers look just like these. He can make your clothes fit so well that we think he is part genius and part wizard. 

Sorry to say, tailors like ours are an endangered species.But why spend years as an apprentice learning such a demanding craft when you can dash off an app in no time flat and start collecting cash immediately?

Thank goodness there are some people who do care about quality and craftsmanship, the proper fit of a garment, and doing things the right way even if it costs a little more or takes a little longer. Thanks to you w
e are doing our best to see that quality, craftsmanship and, yes, tailors, too, don't become extinct.
And don't worry, we are correcting the sleeves on our sad man's coat so that he won't be sad anymore.

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