Clever Girl

To designer Satya Twena hats mean jobs. And jobs mean that milliners can support themselves and continue practicing the art of making hats.

So when the long established New York City factory she had chosen to help expand her growing business closed recently, she realized that something had to be done or both jobs and art would be forfeit and workers with valuable practiced skills would suffer.

Not one to shrug and say, "not my problem", Satya got busy and figured out that together she and a cousin could buy the closed factory, but how could they raise the money needed to rehire the staff and restart production?

Being a child of the digital age Satya realized that the internet phenomenon Kickstarter might be the answer and so it proved. Her heartfelt online campaign with its eye-opening video reached a caring audience and in a very short time the money needed poured in from many sympathetic supporters.

Satya's financial  goal was reached on January 3 and even more money has come in since. Workers have been rehired and now the factory is humming.

What a clever girl! What a Happy New Year!

(You can also read more about Satya in a recent Wall Street Journal article, but better yet, support this auspicious project by buying one of her hats. We have several winter ones in stock now--marked down in the Winter Sale-- nd new Spring ones arriving shortly.)

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